Paid listings and Sponsor banners

Paid Listing:

If you wish to be listed here on but do not want to place a reciprocal link back to us you can by taking the paid listing option.

All paid listings are $20 or £15 or €15 per month for a minimum of 3 months.

To book and pay for your listing please email us at:

Featured Spots:

You will be featured on our front page and featured on the page (Country/State/City), where you supply your service.

You will also be featured on a preference (for example Ebony Mistress), page if applicable.

You can (as an optional free extra) be on the front page of our fetish section if you wish.

All featured spots are $60 or £40 or €40 per month.

To book and pay for your featured spot please email us at:

Sponsor banners:

A Sponsor banner on our index page is $100 or £75 or €75 per month Minimum 1 month.

Your sponsor banner will also be seen on the start page of our fetish section and the country or state that you provide your service in.

To book and pay for your sponsor banner please email us at: