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Added on the 1 June 2023

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Photo of Mistress Chatterley in London UK

Featured Mistress

Mistress Chatterley
London UK

A Quintessential English Mistress and Professional Dominatrix with Chambers in London. My professional dominatrix career spans some 10 years, with lifestyle experiences built up most of my adult life. I’m a successful businesswoman, so this isn’t simply a job for me. I am passionate, dominant, seductive and sexy, thriving on being in a position of control.

Photo of Ruby Slaps a Spanker and CP therapist in the south of the UK

Featured Spanking and
CP Therapist

Ruby Slaps
South East of the UK

Ruby Slaps is a spanking and CP specialist / therapist. I do from over the knee (OTK) spanking to canning of naughty men, TV's and sissies. Please note I'm not a complete sadist and cater for the novice and those that find the whole spanking arena as fun. See my website for a full menu of my services.

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Photo of Mistress Amanda

Featured Mistress

Mistress Amanda
London UK

Amanda is nothing less than an absolute master at her craft. Whether we're talking about her ultimate skill in roleplaying with and for you, where you will forget that it's roleplay after a short while and immerse yourself in the world that you two have created.


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Featured Mistress
Mistress Dea Ter
Cosenza, Calabria, Italy
A Photo and link to Mistress Dea Ter a Mistress in Cosenza, Calabria, Italy



Mistress Sara
Featured Mistress
London UK
Photo of Mr Ben Dover
Mr Ben Dover
Featured Spanker of Males TV's Females
South East UK
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Photo of Marquise
Mistress in Manhattan
Manhattan, NYC, USA

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